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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is the special process used by a trained clinician to manipulate tissue by massage so that the entire body becomes balanced. Through Rolfing, the muscles within the body become more efficient in conserving energy and reducing stress.

Popular with dancers and professional athletes, Rolfing is used to help scar tissue dissolve, help in rehabilitating injuries and improve their range of motion. There is also a mind and body connection with Rolfing that can help rein in emotions and relieve such issues as PTSD.

rolfing technique

Dr. Ida Rolf studied the body’s structure after her graduation from Columbia University in 1920 and through her research, she began to experiment with a theory and then practice of what is now known as Rolfing.

Many people think that Rolfing is just another type of massage, but it’s much more. Rather than being a deep-tissue massage, Rolfing practitioners are trained to focus on the balance of the entire body rather than only those muscles with tension.

As the Rolfing procedure continues, the body structure becomes more in-line and as a result body strain is reduced along with pain and mental and physical stress. Practitioners of Rolfing are methodical in their treatments and within ten sessions the aligning of body structure should be complete.

Another difference between Rolfing and deep-tissue-massage is that it can be uncomfortable rather than relaxing. The end result definitely makes you feel better, so a bit of discomfort in the beginning is more tolerable.

Besides athletes and dancers, those who suffer from chronic pain such as headaches and backaches can also benefit from Rolfing. Rolfing can help the aging process too. As you age, your joints and muscles can become stiff and sore.

Rolfing can prevent the curving of the upper back as you age and prevent hip or ankle injuries. One amazing result of Rolfing that researchers have noticed is that people experience healthy transformations in their lives.

For example, a new lease on life that Rolfing provides can help you end a toxic relationship and quit a go-nowhere job. The popularity of Rolfing has increased over the past few years mainly because of the power of media.

Through social media and other types of news media, Rolfing is now more than treatments used for athletes and professional dancers. It’s a growing presence and more people are interested in what it has to offer.

Rolfing isn’t for everyone, but if you want to challenge your body and mind to be the best it can be and become aligned and functioning like a well-oiled machine, you may want to find out more about and see if it’s something you want to pursue.

Be sure to find a Rolfing practitioner who is trained and certified in the technique. Keep in mind that deep-tissue-massage isn’t the same as Rolfing and the practitioners must be trained in the special Rolfing technques.

You can likely find a Rolfing practitioner near you, but be advised that a session doesn’t consist of candles and aromatherapy. The session can be intense and painful, but when it’s over you’ll definitely feel changed – both in body and mind.

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