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The Best Herbal Remedies for Back Pain

herbal remediesHerbal remedies for back pain when used properly, can help resolve the conditions which are causing your back pain. Although these may not offer instant relief, they provide better long-term recovery.

The conventional medicinal back pain treatment usually involves the use of strong anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and sometimes even surgery. But, such treatments fail many times in treating the root cause of the back pain problem. Instead of solving the problem, these medicines suppress it.

The conventional medicinal treatment will certainly relieve the most agonizing back pain symptoms, but covering up the pain doesn’t actually heal the problem. So, you need to look for some herbal remedies also. Using herbs coupled with other curative therapies to treat back pain is comparatively a better approach to recovery.

When it comes to back pain, the herbs can act on a wide scale which makes them a bit complicated to incorporate accurately. Some herbs are indistinct in their abilities while some are evident in their virtues.

Herbal remedies for back pain

Although herbs might not provide instant relief just as conventional medicines do, these will surely ease the symptoms, strengthen your spine and adjoining muscles, and properly heal the underlying problems. For this reason, using herbs is really necessary for all soft and structural tissue injuries.

While choosing herbal remedies for back pain, you need a bit more knowledge to pick the correct herb as compared to pain-killers. Following are some of the herbal remedies for back pain:

Herbs for muscular back pain

Due to muscular back pain, the surrounding region seizes-up in an attempt to stop further damage. When you suffer from a back injury or joint stiffness, this causes a natural splint which can result in agonizing pain. It’s a natural process of muscle spasm to prevent the injury from getting aggravated.

Following are some of the herbs which can help heal the muscular back pain and are considered anti-spasmodic.

1.) Black Cohosh

Black CohoshBlack cohosh is an amazing herb to relieve muscular back pain due to stiffness with an achy, dull and tender sensation.

It is very effective against muscles reactivity, and to enhance its effectiveness, you can take its small doses along with arnica tincture. The tincture must be prepared from a fresh plant instead of a dried one to get the maximum benefit.

You can take 5 to 15 drops of this herb every hour when you feel sharp pain until the pain subsides completely.

Cramp Bark2.) Cramp Bark

This herb is also great for relieving muscular back pain. Cramp Bark herb has a unique ability to ease muscular tension, relax the body and lessen your body’s reactivity. The body’s reactivity means its anticipation that certain movements are wrong which can result in more injury.

You can take 30 drops of this herb every hour when you feel sharp pain until the pain subsides completely.

Kava Kava3.) Kava Kava

This herb is a very effective remedy to relieve tension in both body and mind. This kind of tension manifests itself physically as a result of mental 0r emotional anxiety. Kava kava herb can help relieve back pain caused by anxiety, stress, and muscular tension.

You can take 1 to 3 drops of this herb 3 times a day for best results. Make sure not to operate any machinery when you’re taking this herb.

4.) Lobelia

LobeliaThis herb has a very potent anti-spasm property which is great for those who suffer from severe back pain due to muscle contractions.

You can take 1 to 3 drops of this herb every hour when you feel sharp pain until the pain subsides completely. Avoid taking its larger doses at a time (over 10 drops) as it may make you feel like throwing up.

Herbs for nerve pain in your back

Sciatic back pain falls into the category of nerve pain. The symptoms of nerve pain include shooting pain in your back extending down to your legs, tingling, and numbness.

Following are some herbs for nerve pain in your back:

1.) St. John’s Wort:

st-johns-wortSt. John’s Wort is considered to be great for injured nerves as it is believed to effectively restore nerve function no matter whether the injury triggered severe reactivity (shooting pain and soreness quite similar to sciatica disorder) or weakened their function (for example numbness and tingling).

This herb can also help lessen the inflammation and pain due to nerve injuries, and can even help restore damaged nerves and allow muscles relaxation in the surrounding region. You can take 5 to 15 drops of this herb about 3 to 4 times a day.

Keep in mind that St. John’s Wort may interact with several medications especially oral contraceptives. Therefore, you need to conduct some research prior to taking the herb.

Jamaican Dogwood2.) Jamaican Dogwood

This herb is really great for both nerve and muscular back pain. Jamaican dogwood is especially meant for tight muscles with severe sensitive nerve pain caused by the mental strain which results in muscle spasm.

You can take 5 to 30 drops of this herb every hour when you feel sharp pain until the pain subsides completely. You can even apply it topically.

Herbs for Back pain due to inflammation

Back pain can also be caused by inflammation as a result of the increased healing action in the affected region. The symptoms of back pain due to inflammation include swelling, heat, and a pulsing or throbbing sensation.

When the inflammation turns chronic, your body is sending you a signal that it is unable to continue the healing process due to lack of lubrication or essential nutrients, and even re-injury.

When you take anti-inflammatory medicines, these generally cover up the pain for some time only. As a result, you suppress your body’s natural healing response. This is why doctors always recommend proper rest in order to prevent the back injury from aggravating further.

Following are some of the best herbs for back pain due to inflammation:

  • White Willow BarkBirch
  • Aspen
  • Cayenne
  • Boswellia
  • Licorice root
  • Ginger root
  • Turmeric
  • Meadowsweet
  • Wintergreen
  • White willow bark

All these herbs are for inflammation treatment and are great if used topically in the form of body oil formulas or salve, and the tinctures also work well. Make sure to use them regularly while having a proper amount of rest to get the maximum benefits.

You also need to keep in mind that these herbs may interact with your ongoing medications. So, consult your doctor prior to opting for any of these herbal remedies.

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