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Top Benefits of Natural Health Vitamins

Natural health vitamins form a very crucial part of a balanced diet. These vitamins safeguard your body to ensure optimal health and proper functioning.

Vitamins can help treat and prevent various ailments such as skin and eye disorders, high levels of cholesterol, and heart-related problems. They assist many mechanisms of your body and perform those key roles which no other nutrients can do.

You can consume vitamins in various ways. You can have a balanced diet rich in vitamins straight from their sources. You can even consume vitamin supplements to fulfill the vitamin needs in your body.

Following are some of the top benefits of vitamins:

1.) Promote the immune system of your body

Herbal vitamins can help promote the immune system of your body by activating the production of immune mediators and antibodies and defend the cells against the negative effects of free radicals. If you don’t consume enough natural vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and C, your immune system may get severely compromised.

2.) Support a healthy digestive system

The health of your digestive system actually determines how efficiently your body is able to metabolize the consumed food, and then convert it to energy and essential nutrients required by your body for proper recovery and growth.

The vitamin B family particularly takes an active part in the metabolism process by assisting in cell repair and energy production. Vegetables, dairy, and meat products are some of the foods rich in vitamin B.

3.) Produce red blood cells

Natural vitamins, especially vitamin B and B12, are required by the red blood cells along with iron minerals for the synthesis purpose. You may develop anemia even if you take enough iron but don’t consume adequate vitamin B12. So, you need to consume more foods high in vitamin B and B12 such as eggs, cheese, meat products (beef) etc.

4.) Maintain cell structure and membranes

Vitamin A and C, are necessary to maintain cell structure and membranes along with promoting the immune system of your body. The key function of Vitamin C is to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a vital structural protein which helps maintain the cell membrane and keep its materials inside.

5.) Maintain healthy joints

Herbal vitamins, especially vitamin C, can help maintain healthy joints as well as mucous membranes which include your eyes, gum, rectum and reproductive parts. For instance, vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy (gum bleeding). Furthermore, vitamin C deficiency can impair the synthesis of collagen and even affect the joint repair process after its daily wear and tear.

Vitamin D in particular, plays an important role in the development of healthy bone structures. However, its role is often underrated because of the common perception that calcium alone is essential for the development of bones.

Vitamin D helps mineralize the bones to ensure proper stability. It means the deposition of vital minerals and calcium in your bones. Vitamin D also helps develop your nails and teeth, since these require a good quantity of calcium deposition.

7.) Promote healthy nails, skin, and hair

Natural vitamins also help promote healthy nails, skin, and hair to make them look lustrous and healthy. In particular, vitamin B-7 along with other vitamins (B family) plays an important role in carrying out this task. Eggs are rich in vitamin B-7 and also a great source of other minerals and vitamins.

8.) Help produce hormones

Although the production of hormones has no direct connection with the consumption of vitamins, various studies have revealed that there is a relationship between the quantity of the male testosterone as well as female estrogen, and the levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Men with low testosterone levels will have the lowest vitamin D levels. Women with low levels of vitamin D will have lower estrogen levels, which can result in menstrual cycle problems.

Daily exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes is the best way to fulfill the requirement of vitamin D in your body. It helps your skin synthesize it. However, make sure to take vitamin D supplements if you’re not able to get good sunlight exposure.

9.) Improve night vision

Vitamin A is considered the most vital vitamin when it comes to eye health since it contains very important retinoid and carotenoid compounds. Vitamin A deficiency can result in very poor vision in the dark or even night blindness since your eye cells are not able to cope with the low light situations.

To improve night vision, you need to consume more of vitamin A rich foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, cantaloupes, kale, spinach, fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk, liver, eggs, and fortified cereals.

10.) Anti-aging properties

One of the key responsibilities of vitamins is to maintain the best possible biological processes in your body. However, human bodies constantly go through wear-and-tear on a daily basis which causes aging and organ system breakdown.

To achieve overall good health, you need to eat a wide range of natural health vitamins on a regular basis. These vitamins help defend the DNA against damage and contribute to the cellular growth process. The vitamin B family can make effective use of metabolic and waste removal processes in your body.

11.) Improve the health of your nervous system

Your nervous system is made up of numerous neurotransmitters and nerves. Vitamin B plays a key role in insulating nerve fibers with myelin sheaths. It even helps modulate the neurotransmitter production in your brain.

Doctors typically recommend all pregnant women to consume foods rich in folic acid. Folic acid is a rich source of vitamin B and it helps safeguard the baby against spine disorders. It can also help decrease the diabetic neuropathy symptoms since it can prevent the death of the nerves.

12.) Improve Blood Clotting

Vitamin K helps in blood clotting due to an injury or wound. Although it’s solely not responsible for blood clotting, its deficiency can result in bleeding disorders and inefficient blood clotting. So, if your body is lacking this crucial vitamin, you may bleed profusely even from a simple cut injury. You need to include green leafy vegetables in your diet on a regular basis since these are rich in vitamin K.

Vitamins Promoting Healthy Aging

Vitamins Promoting Healthy AgingPeople do not realize what vitamins can do for them. Vitamins are great for those who need them. On the other hand, if you have sufficient vitamins, then you will not need regimens of vitamins.

Building vitamins in your system, which has too much already, or sufficient nutrients can cause harm. Vitamins will make you look younger and feel younger as well as make you feel good about yourself, providing you need regimens suited for your system.

How do I learn what vitamins are good for me?

We get natural vitamins in the foods we eat. Sometimes, you do not get the right amount so you have to take vitamins, which come in many ways. You can get them in a pill form, liquid, powder, etc. If the vitamins you choose do not work for you, your doctor can give you a shot. If you cannot determine which vitamins are right for you, check with your doctor. He may have some recommendations. In fact, you should visit your family doctor first and ask him/her, which vitamins may be suitable for your body type.

What kinds of vitamins should I consider and for what purpose?

You have a wide array of vitamins to choose from, including B1, B12, B6, E, D, K, A, and so on. B1 is designed to help your heart function in order. The vitamin will assist your central nervous system as well, helping you to have a better attitude in life. B1 will give you energy, since it is known to swap blood sugar, transferring it to energy. B1 promotes a healthy mucous membrane, and will promote the muscular and cardio functions.

How to decide if you need natural vitamins:

Some things that you may feel if you are low on vitamins are fatigue. You may feel muscle tenderness, or experience insomnia. Insomnia can benefit from Melatonin supplements. You can get natural vitamins from corn breads, nuts, oatmeal, cereal, wheat and so on. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits also to get the vitamins you need.

If you have colds, you can benefit from Vitamin C. If you are searching for anti-aging vitamins consider E, since According to experts, Vitamin E is responsible for preserving oxygen in the blood, reduce more than 40% of the oxygen amount the heart needs as well. Vitamin E also has been linked to influential anti-coagulants. Some experts believe the vitamin will slow blood clotting by dilating the blood vessels. If you searching for the vitamin to help you stay young and healthy, then Vitamin E that contains 200 units is for you. 

According to German experts Wolf and Luczak Vitamin E is a stabilizer for youth and strong blood. If this is true, then dying cells will be replaced quickly by new cells. Dying cells is responsible for many diseases, including cancer, AIDS, HIV, leukemia and so on. In fact, T-Cells that deteriorate is responsible for AIDS, certain types of cancers, herpes simplex, and so on.


Fulfilling your daily natural health vitamins requirement is pretty simple. All you need to do is consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins straight from their sources. Avoid junk food, even if it’s full of vitamins since it can never match the quality of vitamins consumed directly from the sources. You can also take vitamin supplements if you’re not able to meet your daily requirements through diet. However, you’re not advised to replace healthy eating with any supplements.

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