Enjoy a Healthy, Active
and Happy Old Age

For some people getting old feels like a death sentence.
For others they are just not living.


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Let Me Help You Live Your Best Life!

If you are in doubt, ask this 65-year old woman who has overcome the odds by leaving her comfort zone in pursuit of life, living and purpose.

I am Moya and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and author who is passionate about empowering people like me to live purposefully and productively.

I teach, guide and nurture people that are 50 and above, to see things from a new fresh, positive perspective. To help you move out of the “funk” that you are in and see the possibilities and love that surround you. After all, our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

I am here to help you move out of your own inner darkness and move away from your inner conflict, to help you see the light, to give you coping mechanisms to stay living a fulfilled life, to teach you how to cope with the stresses of life and not to let it consume you.

If you are in search of an active and more energized life after 50, you will definitely find valuable information here to help you live a great life. Here, you learn how to take charge of your life and find fulfilment even in old age. If this sounds like a plan, you are more than welcome to join me.

Empower Your Later Years

Do more now than you ever did before…

From staying fit by getting involved in exercises that are great for your age to finding diets that are beneficial to healthier older living, I will provide the help and guidance you need to be empowered. You will also get information about best anti-aging products for your health, great anti-aging herbal remedies, skin care products that can help you shed off the old, tired look and reward you with younger and firmer skin.

I will also introduce you to meditation techniques that help you relax and eliminate stress. There is so much more that I will be sharing with you, so let’s get started.

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