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Anxiety Stress Disorder Can be Physically and Mentally Exhausting

Just the term, anxiety stress disorder, can make you feel tense and worried. If you are currently suffering from the disorder, you may be physically and mentally exhausted from dealing with it on a daily basis.

Most of us worry, but if you worry excessively about things that are out of your control and may never happen, you may be suffering from Anxiety Stress Disorder. Your body feels worn out from lack of sleep and there’s not a drop of energy left for you to function normally.

Anxiety stress disorder is common among the population today and it is defined as chronic worrying that never goes away, extreme tension and nervousness. It differs from a phobia in the fact that with a phobia your fear is focused on a precise situation.

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With anxiety stress disorder, the feeling of doom and exacerbated tension never leaves you and it affects your entire life. Although it’s not a full blown panic attack, the level of anxiety lasts much longer – perhaps constantly – making it difficult to relax and enjoy life.

Even if you feel that your anxiety level is so high that you can’t possibly free your mind and emerge with a sense of hope and happiness, you need to know that it is possible to break free and regain a sunny outlook on life once again.

There are medications that can help you overcome the severity of anxiety stress disorder. Certain antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed and can lessen your reaction to the stress in your life.

But, there are also self-help methods that can be effective in calming your nerves without having to resort to experiencing the side effects of prescribed medications. One way of overcoming anxiety stress disorder is to connect with others and attempt to build a support system that isn’t judgmental or critical.

It could be a friend or family member – or a therapist who specializes in anxiety stress disorder. Talking out your feelings can make them seem much less threatening and you’ll eventually develop a network of people who you can trust and turn to.

Your senses play a big part in helping with anxiety stress disorder. Viewing a good movie that makes you laugh or feel good or family pictures that remind you of good times, calming music you enjoy (or playing a musical instrument) are all calming methods that can help you calm down quickly.

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Light scented candles or go for a walk where you get exercise and also a big dose of fresh, clean air to calm your nerves. Enjoy a good massage or a great cup of calming herbal tea. A massage or cuddle with a pet or loved one can also be effective in relieving immediate anxiety.

Move your body to relieve tension and boost your feel-good hormones and healing chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin. Exercise physically changes the brain to make it less apt to cause anxiety and depression.

Living a mindful existence can fight anxiety and provide extra benefits such as making you more aware of the beauty and rhythm that exists all around you. Focusing your attention on other, happy and good elements of life is one of the most powerful techniques to combat anxiety stress disorder.

Research methods of dealing with anxiety stress disorder and you’ll find that there are a myriad of ways to live life to the fullest even if you do have to face stress and anxiety in your life.

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