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Causes of Workplace Stress

Job stress has become a major problem during the last decade. One of the main causes of workplace stress is the perception of having little or no control over the demands of the job and how we get the work done.

The workplace is often labeled a “pressure-cooker,” and while some thrive in such an environment, it can cause stress in others. Workplace stress has been studied and evaluated as to how it negatively affects our lives.

Can Being More Efficient Lower Stress

Studies indicate that the workplace environment should fit the person. For example, if you hate the sight of blood, you shouldn’t become a surgeon. If you hate the mundane, you shouldn’t work in a factory where repetition is the norm.

You would think that the most stressful part of a policeman’s job is the life or death situations they are subject to. But, research shows that for many police officers, completing the necessary paperwork is the most stressful part of the job.

Efficiency hacks

Workplace stress can put you at risk for many diseases and health issues such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and depression/anxiety. It’s important for you to find ways to deal with workplace stress so you don’t subject yourself to any or all of these problems.

While new technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it’s also caused workplace stress to be exacerbated and even more dangerous in causing health-related problems.

Can Being More Efficient Lower Stress

Reading and answering emails, taking myriads of telephone calls – sometimes often and throughout the day – might be remedied by setting certain times for these tasks. There are ways you can set your phone to record a message, give a message of your own and alert you if it’s a call from a person such as a child or family member who may need your help.

That advantage alone can help you concentrate on the task at hand. Many times, workers feel there are too many meetings and interruptions from coworkers or supervisors that cause workplace stress.

It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do

Realize that you can’t control the uncontrollable. If your boss schedules meetings that are cutting in to your time to get the job done, consider having a talk about cutting down on the frequency or the longevity of the meetings.

You might also try getting to work a few minutes early to spend time by yourself to begin the day and plan your work schedule. You can likely find ways to cut down on workplace stress rather than letting the stress control your actions and reactions.

remember avoiding distraction is tough

Fear of losing a job is one of the most common workplace stressors. Keep your resume’ updated and ready – just in case. Also, keep a nest egg to help you overcome a job loss for a few weeks if it should occur.

Workplace stress can drain you of energy and motivation. Rather than focusing on those things about your job that you can’t control, think of different ways you can control your reaction to them.

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