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How to Release Stress without Using Alcohol and Drugs

Learning how to release stress without any substance abuse can be a big concern for many people who use alcohol and drugs to de-stress. Drugs, medicines, and alcohol provide only a short-term relief. In the long-term, these will diminish your ability to fight stress by damaging your nervous system.

But people who use alcohol and drugs to de-stress do not know how to release stress, relax and relieve tension. The more you use alcohol and drugs, the more you’ll find it difficult to relax without them. And, when a new stress and anxiety hits, you’ll again have the desire to use them. Alcohol and drugs are highly addictive and can destroy your nervous system, so these are not appropriate to deal with stress.

Never allow daily problems and tensions bog you down to the point where drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana seems to be the only solution to relieve stress. These habits will severely affect your capability of dealing with stress and contribute to addiction.
Stress can cause a relapse of alcohol and substance abuse. Many drugs can slow down or spike the stress-related effects. For example, cocaine activates the stress response along with influential reward centers of your brain. But, once the pleasing effects of the drug vanish, the stress keeps looming until you deal with it effectively.

So, it is really necessary for you to learn how to release stress without using alcohol and drugs. Following are some of the proven natural ways to relieve stress:

Look For the Source of the Stress:

To learn how to release stress, first-of-all try to identify the things which are causing you the stress. For example, it could be your work-related deadline, an upcoming examination, the pile of laundry, or a fight with your spouse. All of these can elevate your stress levels. By finding out the source of stress, you may be able to handle it effectively which offers you a viewpoint and sort of edge over it.

Mindfulness Meditation and Breathing Exercises:

The second tip on how to release stress is meditation and breathing exercises. The breathing process in your body is an in-built calming procedure. When you feel being hit by stress and anxiety or a sense of crushing pressure, take a long deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat this entire breathing routine up to ten times. It will surely slow down your heart rate and calm your mind and body. Mindfulness meditation usually combines breathing exercises with visualization to make your mind focus on the present moment. Recent studies revealed that mindfulness meditation helps reduce mental stress and anxiety.

Exercise can help alleviate quote

Reading Your Favorite Book:

The third tip on how to release stress is reading your favorite book or any good book. You can start by checking out the latest bestsellers. You can opt for hardcover, paperback and even digital eBooks at your local library or digital platforms such as Amazon and eBay (for used books). The most important thing is to develop a reading habit. When you read your favorite book, make sure that this is your ‘me time’. Don’t let anything distract you. You need to devote some time wholeheartedly to reading only every day for an hour or so. Remember that reading is an inexpensive, entertaining and satisfying way to relax.

Regular Physical Workouts:

The fourth tip on how to release stress is doing physical exercises regularly. Rigorous physical movements can surely help you de-stress. Regular physical workouts help release endorphins (feel-good hormones) in your body. Endorphins help boost your mood and fight the cortisol hormones responsible for causing high stress. It allows more oxygen to flow in your bloodstream to calm your mind and body and eliminate stress for good. Physical workouts help tackle stress effectively so that it doesn’t wreak havoc on your mind and body.

Listening to music:

The fifth tip on how to release stress is listening to music. Music provides one of the best sensory pleasures to your mind and body and is a proven stress buster. Calming sounds of crashing waves, songbirds or wilderness calls are also quite relaxing. Even professional masseurs use soothing music while giving massage to their clients. Music relaxes your mood and calms your mind. If you opt for this stress-busting method, it’ll surely become a regular part of your everyday routine.

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Decrease Caffeine Intake:

The sixth tip on how to release stress is decreasing your caffeine intake. Various studies revealed that caffeinated drinks such as coffee elevate the levels of the stress-inducing hormones called cortisol in your body. Cortisol is responsible for stimulating your adrenalin and putting your mind in a ‘fight or flight mode’. As a result, your heart rate increases, the breathing turns shallower, and the body gets flooded with cortisol. So, you need to cut down your caffeine intake to de-stress.

Laugh As Much as Possible:

The seventh tip on how to release stress is to laugh wholeheartedly and search for humor in day-to-day life. Various studies revealed that laughter actually helps lower the cortisol levels in your body and de-stresses your mind and body. Therefore, laughing is one of the proven ways to relieve stress. You need to learn how to find humor in your life and stop being serious about everything.

Have a Well-Balanced and Nutritious Diet:

The eighth tip on how to release stress is having a well-balanced and nutritious diet. What you eat has a direct impact on how your body reacts to stress. Most people, especially the elderly, tend to overlook well-balanced diet when they’re under high stress. Oily junk food or foods rich in sugar and salt can only increase the effects of stress.

Take Short Breaks:

The ninth tip on how to release stress is to take short breaks during stressful times. Because of mounting work pressure and increasingly crushing work schedule, stress typically manifests in your daily life. Taking short breaks occasionally in the day can help to de-stress. Short vacations can also boost your mood and happiness levels.

Challenges are what make life quote

Spend Time in Nature:

The tenth tip on how to release stress is to spend some time in nature. Getting close to nature can be very restorative especially for the seniors. Engaging in activities like gardening, strolling through a local park, or hiking in the mountains can definitely relax and calm your mind and body.

Address Your Problems:

The eleventh tip on how to release stress is to address your problems openly. People who have good social support usually recover from stress successfully. If you’re having any stress-related problem, you need to talk more openly about it. You can share your problems with your family members and close acquaintances. If you don’t have any friends, you can talk to a counselor or a therapist or you can even join a peer support group. They can give you a sense that you aren’t alone, and you aren’t the only one who is having this problem. They’ll even help you reassess your problem in a more positive way. It will bring down your stress levels and uplift your spirits.

Using these simple tips on how to release stress without using alcohol and drugs, you’ll have no problem in tackling daily stress and anxiety. But, if these tips do not reduce your stress levels, you definitely need to consult your doctor for stress-related treatment.

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